‘Oh, you mean the Edson we are baptizing this Saturday?’


That’s mosquito netting in the back!

Another week of hard work, with days of sweltering heat and other days with pounding rain and some days with both. But that is fairly typical (I assume) of the climate here in Mozambique.

Elder Bourne and I have been really blessed this week within our area. We have 3 youth that will be baptized this Saturday, the chapel was full of families this Sunday, and we had some incredible lessons this week. These three youth are named Shakila, Edson and Zimba. I am so excited for the service this Saturday!
Two lessons in particular stood out, and actually both of them happened last night (Sunday). To begin was a first lesson with someone we contacted on the street. His name is Trust, and actually when we first met him, he spoke English to us as he is from Zimbabwe. After waiting quite some time to meet him last night, he comes running up to us and apologizes profusely for being late. We go to his house to meet his wife Elisa from South Africa (they speak Portuguese with each other) and have a quick lesson. In the midst of the lesson he tells us he has a cousin who he thinks is investigating our Church, named Edson. “Oh, you mean the Edson we are baptizing this Saturday?” “Yep, that’s the one!” He then has one question for us, “So, how can I be baptized?” We were a bit floored that a “random” guy that we met on the street could be so ready to hear our message, but it was just a testament to me of how the Lord guides us to the people He has prepared.
The next lesson came next with a couple named Bonifacio and Eriquetta. We have been teaching them for a little while and we were waiting for him to find out about Lobolo, or bride price, for marriage. When we first sat down with them last night he seemed really discouraged and wanted to know if there was another way for baptism without marriage. He then explained that Lobolo would be 7000 Mt plus all the clothes, food, and party for the families would total to 25-30,000 Mt. I can’t explain how gigantic a sum of money this is, but I could understand why he seemed so discouraged. We tried to explain to him that in order to keep the commandment of the Law of Chastity, he simply need a legal marriage and not all the traditional parts of the marriage, but he couldn’t understand how they could be separated. But then Eriquetta began to speak, and say that they just needed a signature to legalize the relationship they already had. And then I could see the understanding come to his eyes. It was a miracle as they accepted this legal marriage in order to enter waters of baptism.
But otherwise a normal, great week with some funny, tough and rewarding experiences. Pictures and explanations to follow. (See gallery below)

2 thoughts on “‘Oh, you mean the Edson we are baptizing this Saturday?’

  1. So I was interested in understanding what those values meant. The Mozambican Metical (MZN) is worth about $0.03 (USD). So with the minimum cost of a wedding being 7000 MZN, it would costs about $220 USD. Gross domestic product per capita is $900 USD a year in Mozambique. So for your average citizen in Mozambique it would take about 3 months worth of income just to get your basic marriage. No wonder it is so hard for them to get people married! Good luck Elder Reinstein! I’m loving the letters!


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