‘I don’t think I have ever been happier in my life’

Elder Reinstein in MaputoWell I have made it to Mozambique, and my area in Matola (a suburb north of Maputo)!

But I have two weeks to talk about since I lost a P-day in my travels.

Earlier in the week we had In-field training, we took a while but we were taught a lot of great things for the mission. Our last day in the MTC, we had a great opportunity to finally have both of our teachers, Irmã Connell and Irmão Roberts in class at the same time! Cheers were made. Laughs were had. Sentiments were created. [See the district pics we took, we also signed Roberts tie].

The next day (March 2) we victoriously took our final march to the Travel Office at the MTC and headed to the airport to begin our travels. After waiting several hours in line, it came our turn only to find out our flight to Dallas had been cancelled. So we waited some more, and we were picked up and taken back to the MTC the following day. The defeat was real, but it was only to be for a moment, as the next day we did it all again and flew safely to Phoenix, then London, then Johannesburg, then Maputo. [See pics in London terminal, with the sunset behind our plan to Jberg]

It is definitely a different world here in Mozambique, but the biggest culture shock was just how accepting and loving the people are. Unfortunately, just found out I am running out of time so this will be brief. We stayed at the Mission office to recuperate the first few days, and then went in the field on Friday. I am in Matola covering areas called Matola A, C, Rio and Santos. My trainer/companion is Elder Justin Bourne from Idaho. He has been out seven months and has been a great help and a great teacher. We are teaching several families, and many are truly converted to Christ and this brings me so much joy to see the happiness in their eyes. The Portuguese is coming and I am speaking more and more each lesson and each contact.  I was paid a high compliment by Helio (an investigator) recently that although my Portuguese is not perfect, he understood my message and felt the Spirit through it.

President Kretly and Sister Kretly have been amazing to meet and learn from. We ate at their house. Our apartment is pretty nice, there are Six Elders there.The Apartment

I love it. I don’t think I have ever been happier in my life.


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