Elder Reinstein for February 25 – Last Week in the MTC

Elder Reinstein Provo MTC LDS MissionaryThis is my last week at the MTC, and boy is it exciting! The MTC has been an amazing experience, but it only makes me more excited to go out and serve in Mozambique.

Our devotionals this week began with Elder Perkins on Tuesday. He began by talking about Christlike Attributes, as taught in Preach My Gospel. When it began my thoughts were, “Oh no, not another talk about Preach My Gospel….” And yes it was another talk about PMG, but I absolutely loved the perspective he shared. He showed us a latter of Christ-like attributes, with humility, diligence, up to charity. He told us that to learn these characteristics we must be willing to yield something to God. Our pride for humility, our time for diligence, and our heart for Charity. I loved the perspective as I learn to consecrate my agency to the Lord.

Our Sunday Devotional was given by Richard L. Heaton and was an interactive one. He asked many people in the audience about why were they baptized, or why would they choose to be baptized if they were a member their whole life. Investigators must find their own reason to be baptized, and it shouldn’t be to please the missionaries. Many great answers were given about having the companionship of the Spirit or being happy. But it made me think why I would be baptized today. I though those were all great responses, but I want this gospel for a very simple reason: To know all truth and be able to act upon this truth.

Some interesting changes happened in class this week as well. We are now teaching each other as we play investigators for more lesson practice. We also got to Skype with a native Brazilian member this week for our TRC. Tania actually lives in Park City as a Nanny, but it was still amazing to be able to talk to her, and share a message about the gospel. Plus, when the signal was good, I could understand almost everything she said! It gives me (probably a false sense of) hope that maybe I will be understand a bit when I get to Africa. Better start praying now to get as much help as possible!

Also our District got to host new missionaries this week as they entered the MTC! We picked up at their cars, and took them to get the badge, room, books, etc. The first missionary I hosted is going to Frankfurt, Germany. The other is going to Provo, and he had a great attitude about it!

Other tidbits: Another District left this week, leaving only 10 people in the zone. I received my travel plans for my departureĀ on Sunday!

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