Elder Reinstein Letter for Feb. 11

Elder Reinstein Provo MTC 2-11-14

Oi Mãe! I got to wear my rain gear at the Temple Walk this week! Here is Irmã Klenhanz photo bombing.

Elder Reinstein – Feb. 11, 2014 (Week 3 at the MTC)

The training continues, and the weeks seem to go by quicker. There is not too much to report on this week.

A new activity that began this week was TRC (Training Resource Center). This is where we speak with actual people (not actors), about their actual lives, in actual Portuguese. And then share a Spiritual thought that we hope can uplift them. Most of the volunteers are RMs who served in Brazil. We had two 20-minute conversations that went pretty well as we listened to the promptings of the Spirit. (A influência do Espíritio Santo).

The language continues to improve, as well as the accent. We speak a bit differently than the Brazilians. Most of our “s’s” make a “shh” sound, and we pronounce our “de’s” as a “day” sound, not a “jay” sound.

Devotionals this week were from Elder Evans on Tuesday [Not my favorite, he made a somewhat inappropriate comment, that took away from the Spirit, but reminded me that we are not converted unto the men, but rather unto Christ through the Spirit] and Elder Stephens again Sunday. Elder Stephens showed us some of the “Homefront” commercials he produced in the ’70s-’90s and they were touching and hilarious.

We had a change in leadership in the zone this week. Elder Keck and Elder Badger were called as Zone Leaders. I was called as District Leader. (Congrats, Elder Reinstein, from Mom, Dad and Lexi)


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